Introducing TeamKloud: The Productivity Tool for You and Your Team

We’re excited to announce that, starting today, TeamKloud is openly and freely available to everyone. Visit to create your account, and try it out for yourself, or with your team.

TeamKloud is the productivity tool for you and your team.  It is the place to plan, collaborate, share works and stay informed with your team. You and your team can create projects, tasks, issues and documents that you can collaborate with your team members.  Track project performance to make sure projects are completed on budget and on time

Share comments, status updates, documents, photos and videos about projects, tasks, issues with your team.

Receive status updates and comments from team members anywhere anytime on your mobile and provide immediate feedback to team with our mobile apps.  View you team members online status and their locations.  Communicate with your team member with instant chat and text messages.

You and your team can report timesheet hours and expenses on projects and tasks and bill customers for billable hours and expenses.  Report exception time such as overtime, banked time, sick leave, and vacation.

Use TeamKloud for issue and bug tracking systems for your internal work.  Track your team conversations and updates in one place

Create invoices and bill your customer for the work of you and your team.  Track customer payments and get alerts when customers paid their invoices

Always be informed with team status updates and personal dashboard with performance metrics anywhere and anytime

Finally, stay connected with your team with TeamKloud for iPhone and Android.  See who are team members nearby you and communicate with your team with instant chat and text messages

How TeamKloud Works:

TeamKloud brings the concept from social networks to our enterprise applications for project management, time and expense reporting, issue and bug tracking, client billing and payment system and human resource management.  Every updates from your team members about project, task, document, issue, client, etc. will be sent to you and all followers via email or activity feed in your TeamKloud inbox or your mobile device.   You will never miss an important status update. With TeamKloud, you can:

  • capture everything your team is planning and working in one place. When projects, tasks, issues, members, clients, documents, the conversations and updates about them are collected together, instead of spread around, they become the shared, trusted, collective history activity feeds or logs for your organization.
  • keep you and your team informed on priority of the projects, tasks, issues, customers, etc. and what everyone is working on. With TeamKloud configurable dashboard, you will be provided a simple view of different aspects of team work:  projects, tasks, issues, customers, work progress and performance, team members’ workload, their activities and contribution, budget and actual cost information.
  • keep you connected with your team members with TeamKloud mobile apps.  See where are your team members and their recent check ins and who are nearby you.  Communicate with your team with instant chat and text messages
  • get updates anytime anywhere. Follow projects, tasks, issues, clients, members or anything you are interested and you’ll receive emails or activity feed as their status evolves. Search, and you’ll see the full activity feed of all the discussions and changes to them over their history. Now, it’s easy to stay on top of the details without asking people to forward you a bunch of email threads.
  • Download transaction data such as timesheet, expense, issues, projects, invoices, payments if you need integration to your own systems

Finally, TeamKloud is free. TeamKloud is and will remain free for teams with up to 30 members, and you can use TeamKloud with as many of these teams as you want.  Use it for Timesheet and Expense Management, Project and Task Management, Issue and Bug Tracking, Document Sharing, Client Billing System, and Team Collaboration.  We think you’ll love using it. We look forward to hearing what you think.  Join TeamKloud and Be Productive Today.